Outstanding Reviewer Award

The “Outstanding Reviewer” will be awarded to our top reviewers who so generously offer their time to review the papers submitted to Biomarkers and Diagnostic Accuracy.

What are the pre-requisites to be eligible for this award?
– All of the reviewers for Biomarkers and Diagnostic Accuracy from June 2022 to December 2023 will be automatically included.

Selection Criteria:
– Number of review reports; (30%)
– The quality (40%) and timeliness (20%) of review reports.

What will the winners receive?
The winner will receive the following:
– USD 250;
– A certificate.

When will the winners be announced?
– The winners will be announced in January 2024 on the journal website.

How can I make myself eligible?
– If you have not yet reviewed papers for Biomarkers and Diagnostic Accuracy, but would like to do so, you can register as a reviewer at the following link: https://s-biomed.org/index.php/bda/user/profile. Update your roles, and carefully edit the keywords (e.g. oxidative stress, thyroid, ..etc.)